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flavors of India, served by Lemon Holidays

Travel is a passion. 
In every place you will Discover something New.
It can be Language, Food, Culture, People, Tradition,  Flavors, Art, Music, Fashion, Architecture and many more.

 India - a nation of different colors. It has a variety of different whether, Languages,  food, art, Music. It is not just a country, it is a continent. From Himalaya to tropical greenery of kerala and from desert to huge tea plantation, when it's all come together then one nation came out on the field and that's India.

India has 29 states at present which has all kind of beauty in it. It has big & huge mountain range of Himalaya, Rivers, Desert, huge forest range / rain forest, Ocean / beaches, Island. 

Every state has a different reason to visit. Few states are famous for Rivers, few for desert, few for Old fort & palaces, few for old man made temples with heritage curving on the big rock mountains.

India has fulfill reason to travel around so explore India.

Where to go & What to visit 

but still, there are few places which are quite famous in Travellers like in North, Rajasthan is a most famous destination which is fulfill with Desert, Camel, Fort & Palaces and the same in South, Kerala is single most popular state in Travellers which is famous for Water canals and tropical greenery with coconut.

We are always ready to hear your requirement and craft your package as per your requirement because we know the best what spice need to add for spice-up your vacations.

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Our various packages with Indian spice



Book your Tiger Safari
Book your Tiger safari in Tiger national park and see the wild animals in there natural Environment.
Desert Safari in Rajasthan
Enjoy desert Safari on camel back at sand dunes with camp-fire, Rajasthani food and Rajasthani folk dance.

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